Protection Health Services.

One of the best ways to manage health care costs is to concentrate on lifestyle. As we’ve discussed, healthy choices that minimize inflammation reduces the chances of getting chronic diseases. That’s one reason that Paleo diets have already been embraced and promoted by many doctors.

Another pro-active part of managing health care costs is to make the most of preventative health services. That’s one item of value in the Affordable Care Act may be the inclusion of preventative screenings in ALL insurance coverage.

This implies regardless of your deductible, the service is free. No co-pay or co-insurance.

Preventative Services include wellness visits for women and babies; procedures and tests such as for instance mammograms, blood pressure, and cholesterol screening. There’s a long set of screenings and vaccines which can be provided “free of charge “.

For those 65 and older and on Medicare, the Affordable Care Act also incorporates preventative care screenings. Some are new additions such as for instance annual Wellness Visits.

Make sure to review eligibility of services. Some screenings have age restrictions and high risk factor requirements. Make sure to have a comprehensive discussion along with your doctor AND the billing department before doing any testing.

While preventative care should not need charges – there are loopholes. Know about problematic areas. Preventative care is free IF you’re in net-work. All participating physicians and labs must certanly be in the network. As an example, a doctor performing a colonoscopy may maintain the network, however, if the anesthesiologist has gone out of network. You’ll pay that bill out-of-pocket.

It’s also possible to get a surprise bill if your preventative test reveals something suspicious that a doctor needs to send to a lab for testing γαστροσκοπηση τιμη κοζανη. Colonoscopy Screening is a great example again. If your person gets into for a screening and they find a polyp they biopsy, the coding could be changed from’preventative’to’diagnostic’and charges may result. The practice varies by insurer.

If you get billed for a preventative procedure that you thought was fully covered, contact your insurer for an explanation. Then you might contact your state insurance department’s consumer assistance program. In reaction to consumer complaints, some states have passed laws requiring insurers to code colonoscopy as a preventative procedure that’s not susceptible to a deductible, provided that the test was originally intended as a screening.

Being a smart consumer of preventative services is very important to safeguard your pocketbook.

Prescriptions – The Great Drug Bust

We are in a season that many patents have expired on medications, and most are drugs that doctors commonly prescribe. Medications which used to cost pharmacies $400 for 100 pills, now cost pharmacies from $1 – $10 per 100 pills. What they sell them for is really a different story.

Wal-Mart received a lot of publicity about their policy of selling generic prescriptions to people without insurance. For $4, an uninsured person could easily get one month of a simple medication; $10 bought a 3 month supply of the exact same product.

This appeared as if Wal-Mart was carrying this out for charity. Reality is ANY pharmacy could have inked this. Wal-Mart just identified how exactly to use it for publicity.

Costco is another source that has low pricing on prescriptions. Costco buys and sells prescription medications in the exact same way they buy and sell the rest inside their stores. However, these generic prices aren’t widely known. People have grown used to getting their prescriptions filled with a co-pay $5, $10 or maybe more for a month’s supply.

Buying the prescription on insurance could possibly INCREASE the cost of your drugs. It’s like employing a coupon that reads “one for the buying price of two “.

So how do you wade through the confusion of where you should fill your prescription? And do you use your insurance?

· Look at your insurance company’s mail-order pharmacy and see if that reduces your out-of-pocket costs.

We are in a changing medical environment. Not only because of the Affordable Care Act, many within the machine are needs to speak-up and bring change or at the least reveal problems and abuses.

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